Fuzzy Muzzles


       Dog Walking, Pet Sitting



Dog Walks (1-2 dogs)

$16 Regular Walk:This is a 10-15 minute walk.

$18 Long Walk: This is a 20 minute walk.  

$30 Extra Long Walk: This is a 45 minute walk.

($5  Each additional Dog.)

($5  Each additional 5 minutes.) 

Weekly Dog Runs (1 dog)

$20 Run: This is a 20 minute run.

$30 Run: This is a 30 minute run.

($5  Each additional Dog.)

($5  Each additional 5 minutes.)   

Play time at the dogpark.

$40 this is an hour play time.

$30 this is 30 minute play time.

Pet Taxi (1-2 pets)

$15 for round trip.


All dog walking, dog runs, and play time include refreshing of water.

Fur babies are our specialty

Pet Sitting Visits (1-2 pets)

$20 Pet sitting visit: This includes a 15 minute walk, feeding, refreshing of water, and play time or cuddles.

$5 each additional pet.

$50 Overnight Pet Care: (1-3 pets) This is a 12 hour visit which includes an evening and morning walk, feeding, and play time.  

Pet Sitting, Cat sitting, overnight care.

Cat Sitting (1-2 cats)

$18 Cat sitting visit: This includes feeding, refreshing of water, scooping litter box, and play time or cuddles.